Delivery of equipment

We are offering all the variety of BELAZ products in the territories of Peru. 

Special attention is given to commercial and logistic terms, like methods of transport, delivery period, payment forms and various buyers’ incentives.

Technical support

Delivery of the machinery on site is just a start of service life of every piece of equipment. Relying on the support from international suppliers of engines and transmissions we are able to offer our customers a broad range of technical services, including:

– inspection of your equipment fleet by qualified technicians from our company which may be followed by composition of list of required spare parts and recommendations on further operation and maintenance;

– regular technical consultancy from experienced service supervisors on various issues of operation and maintenance of the machinery;

– delivery of original manufacturers spare parts and components subject to various programs and schedules with due allowance for the client’ requirements;

– consignment stocks of the spare parts can be arranged close to the operation sites;

– delivery of specialized equipment, tools and accessories intended for repairs and maintenance of BELAZ equipment;

– comprehensive service contracts with variable scope of activities and flexible commercial provisions to suit individual needs, including MARCs;

– supply of special literature on service and maintenance of BELAZ products, spare parts catalogues.

Training of personnel

In the close cooperation with the manufacturer of haulage equipment we would be pleased to offer different training programs for the customer’ staff involved either in operation or servicing procedures. The training programs may include basic courses organized on-site or alternatively the customer may send his staff to BELAZ for in-depth training.

Financial options

Purchase of new fleet of haulage equipment may be a sensitive investment for a mining company or contractor and can represent quite a heavy capital spending. Often our customers have to optimize their financial flows and focus on other expenses; in cases like this the direct sales contract is hardly practicable. We understand that and propose an array of financial incentives which would help the customers to avoid considerable lump-sum expenditures and make the purchase more affordable, this includes:

– lease of the equipment;

– supplier’ credits;

– deferred payment;

– financing of procurement through the banks.

It’s a common practice that the specific terms and conditions of the above payment methods are subject to negotiations between the parties.

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